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Palestinian teen activist agrees to 8-month plea deal

1 month ago
Palestinian teenager Ahed Tamimi, who was videotaped slapping and kicking an armed Israeli soldier at her family's West Bank home, will serve eight months in prison, following a plea deal her defense attorney reached with military prosecutors on Wednesday evening.

US: ISIS is 'rebuilding'

1 month ago
The US warned Monday that ISIS has begun reconstituting in some areas of Syria because a Turkish military offensive against a northern city has pulled the US' Kurdish allies away from the fight against the terrorist group.

Turkish-backed forces loot Afrin

1 month ago
Syrian rebel fighters backed by Turkey went on a looting spree in Afrin on Sunday after seizing control of the Kurdish-held town following a two-month siege, observers said.

'Hell on Earth'

1 month 1 week ago
Architectural masterpieces dating back centuries have been annihilated. Bustling marketplaces turned ghostly quiet. And basic infrastructure -- hospitals, schools, roads -- has been pummeled into dust.

Netanyahu's coalition survives after days of political brinksmanship

1 month 1 week ago
Officially, the debate scheduled for the Tuesday night session at the Knesset is about Israel's military. The 120 members of Israel's parliament are considering a bill that would exempt ultra-Orthodox Jewish youth from serving under the country's mandatory military service, a long-thorny issue in the country's politics.

Turkish socialite killed in plane crash

1 month 1 week ago
A wealthy Turkish socialite and seven of her friends were killed on Sunday after the airplane carrying them home from her bachelorette party crashed in Iran, according to Turkish media reports and the head of the Turkish Red Crescent.

Divorced Saudi women win custody rights

1 month 1 week ago
Mothers in Saudi Arabia can now retain custody of their children after divorce without filing lawsuits, according to a Saudi Information Ministry statement Monday, meaning the kingdom is breaking ranks with several other countries in the region that heavily favor male guardianship.

Turkish troops 'positioned' to enter Afrin

1 month 1 week ago
Turkish forces and allied rebels are poised to enter the center of the Kurdish-held Syrian city of Afrin "at any moment," Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan warned Friday, risking a further escalation of violence in northwest Syria.
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