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Slavery survivor: Escaping shouldn't be left to chance

1 year 8 months ago
As a survivor of human trafficking here in the United States, it is difficult to hear people talk about the issue as if it only happens in some remote part of the world. It's difficult because I know that a lack of awareness contributes to the persistence of human trafficking in the United States, and is a barrier to prevention in the form of appropriate policies.

Trump is Putin's ally in Russia's war on the West

1 year 8 months ago
It is chilling to hear hoary Kremlin propaganda tropes used by the leader of the free world. But that is exactly what President Donald Trump did in his recent Fox News interview, in which he casually accepted that Vladimir Putin was a killer, but said that America was "not so innocent" and had lots of killers too.
49 minutes 6 seconds ago
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