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UK bans electronics on some flights from Mideast

1 year 7 months ago
The United Kingdom could follow the United States in preventing passengers on direct flights from some countries in the Middle East and Africa from carrying almost all types of electronic devices in the cabin, government sources said Tuesday.

Forest Whitaker: It's not too late to save South Sudan

1 year 7 months ago
I am just back from South Sudan, one of the world's most fragile nations. For years, I have been moved by the kind people who maintain hope that they will live to see peace. My heart has ached for them, as they have endured pain and violence that make such hope feel out of reach.

Trump's secret plan against ISIS? A lot like Obama's

1 year 7 months ago
Rex Tillerson may be skipping the NATO meeting next month -- a move that will clearly annoy the European allies. But on Wednesday, in a move that puts at least one foot of the Trump administration in the traditional diplomacy camp, he's hosting foreign ministers and officials of the Global Coalition to Counter ISIS, originally organized by the Obama administration in the fall of 2014 as an alignment of nations and international organizations committed to defeating the terrorist group.
41 minutes 29 seconds ago
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