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Middle East madness engulfs Iran, Qatar and US

1 year 6 months ago
In the turbulent Middle East, there seems no limit on the number of conflicts that can occur at once. On Wednesday morning, residents of Tehran experienced a series of coordinated attacks, with at least a dozen people killed as gunmen and a suicide bomber assaulted the Parliament building and the mausoleum housing the tomb of the Islamic republic's founder, Ayatollah Khomeini. ISIS quickly claimed responsibility.

A tangled web of politics and terror

1 year 6 months ago
The specter of terrorism has loomed large over the Arab Gulf states for some years, but the attack in Iran Wednesday, claimed by ISIS, suggests that the Islamic Republic is now a target.

South Korea: North Korea test-fires missiles

1 year 6 months ago
North Korea on Thursday morning fired multiple unidentified projectiles, assumed to be surface-to-ship missiles, South Korea's joint chiefs of staff said. The launches occurred near the port city of Wonsan on North Korea's east coast.

North Korea's cyber wars

1 year 6 months ago
CNNTech's Samuel Burke examines allegations against North Korea involving international cyberattacks, from the 2014 Sony hack to WannaCry ransomware just this year.
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