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UK lawmakers approve EU withdrawal bill

1 year 6 months ago
British lawmakers voted early Tuesday in favor of giving the European Union (Withdrawal) Bill a second reading, moving the bill to the next stage of the Parliamentary process. The vote was 326 MPs in favor and 290 against.

16 years after 9/11: The state of the terrorist threat

1 year 6 months ago
Sixteen years after the 9/11 attacks, there is a fair amount of good news about the state of the battle against jihadist terrorists: The United States has not suffered a successful attack by a foreign terrorist organization since al Qaeda's horrific attack on the World Trade Center and Pentagon.

Bannon: Comey firing was worst mistake

1 year 6 months ago
Former White House chief strategist Steve Bannon believes President Donald Trump's decision to fire former FBI Director James Comey was one of the worst mistakes in "modern political history."

Betsy Devos is right about campus sexual assault

1 year 6 months ago
The education secretary was widely derided for announcing reversal of Obama policy on campus assault, but she is right to defend due process for the accused, who "must know that guilt is not predetermined," writes Cathy Young.

Dalai Lama: Buddha would have helped Rohingya

1 year 6 months ago
The Dalai Lama has called on Myanmar to follow the example of the Buddha and come to the aid of the country's persecuted Rohingya minority, more than 300,000 of whom have fled their home province in two weeks.
9 minutes ago
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