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Daylight Saving Time Fast Facts

2 hours 20 minutes ago
Read CNN's Fast Facts for background information about Daylight Saving Time, a system to reduce electricity usage by extending daylight hours.

Catalonia slams Spain's plans for direct rule

1 day 6 hours ago
Catalan leaders have insisted they will reject any attempt by Madrid to impose direct rule on their autonomous region, as a political crisis escalates over Catalonia's threats to declare independence from Spain.

Uproar in Catalonia

1 day 11 hours ago
Thousands protest against Madrid's plan to dismiss the Catalan government. CNN's Erin McLaughlin reports.

The war on ISIS brings more turmoil

1 day 20 hours ago
The last ISIS fighters in Raqqa have been killed or surrendered, and the terror group that once held territory the size of the United Kingdom and ruled over ten million people has been pushed back to a few dusty towns straddling the Syrian border with Iraq.

Spanish prime minister wants region's leaders removed

1 day 23 hours ago
The Spanish government aggressively moved to squash Catalonia's growing independence movement Saturday when Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy announced plans to dissolve the regional government, remove elected leaders as soon as possible and hold new elections.

Trump: End of the ISIS 'is in sight'

1 day 23 hours ago
President Donald Trump said Saturday that the United States would soon transition into a "new phase" of involvement in Syria after US-backed forces drove ISIS members from Raqqa, the city they deemed their capital.

Gentrification? Bring it on, say some cities

3 days 18 hours ago
In July, a group of long-time, mostly Latino residents of Los Angeles' Boyle Heights neighborhood staged protests outside a trendy new coffee shop called Weird Wave Coffee, holding signs that read "Amerikkkano" and "WHITE COFFEE."
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