Uproar in Catalonia

1 day 11 hours ago
Thousands protest against Madrid's plan to dismiss the Catalan government. CNN's Erin McLaughlin reports.

The war on ISIS brings more turmoil

1 day 20 hours ago
The last ISIS fighters in Raqqa have been killed or surrendered, and the terror group that once held territory the size of the United Kingdom and ruled over ten million people has been pushed back to a few dusty towns straddling the Syrian border with Iraq.

Naked Indonesia

1 day 20 hours ago
Public nudity is strictly forbidden in Indonesia - and life is tough for the local nudist community

Sticks and axes

1 day 20 hours ago
Witnesses tell the BBC how men with sticks and axes started one of the world's longest conflicts.

Wonder down under

1 day 21 hours ago
The "wonder from down under" has been free from recession for more than a quarter of a century.

The extra miles

1 day 21 hours ago
Why are more people running marathons in all 50 states - and what does it say about modern America?

Dangerous work

1 day 21 hours ago
On just one night a year Faroese men can hunt gannet chicks, considered a delicacy. It involves a dangerous climb down steep cliffs.

Spanish prime minister wants region's leaders removed

1 day 22 hours ago
The Spanish government aggressively moved to squash Catalonia's growing independence movement Saturday when Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy announced plans to dissolve the regional government, remove elected leaders as soon as possible and hold new elections.